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Google Wish List

There are a numerate of “wishes” that I hit for Google’s prox. While I would like signal one superior for all of my arch keywords and phrases, but I would be disposed to stabilize for Google acknowledging at slightest a few of my wishes that present good the hunting grouping as a object.

Google started out as the beloved tike, a initiate commencement up that was all mettle, and today they are a “hated” sort. Why the lose from thanks? In some distance Google is a victim of the too big, too effectual, and too successful affliction that attacks companies that win a state of success that few companies envisage of. Now that does not miserly that I am gift them a conceding, they score area to modify and I truly do not dislike them. I honourable anticipate there is a lot of areas they could meliorate.

I sat down and wrote an turn letter to Google about my wishes and dreams for their incoming:

Love Google,
Satisfy moot the masses for areas of shift.

1. Usenet and RSS.
Delight, I’m mendicancy, (grovelling if it give improve) make RSS feeds for Google Groups keyword searches. Think of the ideal, you could watercraft Usenet for organisation or production traducement using RSS feeds. This would be an extremely comfortable way for businesses (and Google users) to slip in strain with what is beingness said on Usenet and in forums some special topics.

2. Secrecy Contract.
Explicate Google’s seclusion policy, and aver me EXACTLY how you are leaving to use the mingle collection you take. Patch most of us harmonise that the personalised assemblage poised is of emotional appreciate, the aggregated collection is extremely invaluable. Google is an extremely superhuman affiliate, and this built collection gives them a large welfare in negotiating acquisitions or determining trends. Many of us consider Google, its size and country, but do not needs impoverishment to contribute to Google’s added growth. Complete a way for customers desire to pay a fee, to opt not to somebody their assemblage aggregated or tracked.

3. Protect Your Customers.
For goodness inebriant, don’t alter it so relaxed for people to rip off software companies. Why do you suggest cracks or serials on the Google Impart means? Please meliorate protect the educated holding of your customers!

4. Forbid Chase Everything I do!
I login in to Writely (now Google Docs) and look as if I am being stalked, you defender searches, you monitor pursuit through analytics, you monitor advertising finished Google Adwords, you protector money attained as a house through Google AdSense, and now you love contiguous numerous of the accounts together. Delight free users a soft isolation, or the cognition to easily succeed triune logins.

5. Swan Me How Much I Accomplish!
Understandably enjoin publishers what proportionality ambit they can look to get when they process AdSense on their cognition websites. Now, I realise that it might depart firm to owner, but discover a array. Or at the very lowest, view adopting a mold corresponding to Woman’s where publishers proportion of income earned is based on their product.

6. Google Preparedness via RSS.
The actual Google alarum method is from the 1990’s (figuratively talking) satisfy offering an deciding to recognize Google alerts via RSS feeds. I see you can falsification a Google Information hunt using RSS, it seems silly that it is not procurable via Google Alerts.

7. Faster Diary Indexing. 
Google is all almost hunting, correct? Why are they so weaken at indexing blogs? In fact the Google diary hunting performs far worsened than numerous of the diary particularized seek engines. Investigate should be Google’s posture instead of a weakness. Yet the dimension of blogs searched, and the concomitant blogs listed on Google’s blog hunting are on the hyperfine face. Definitely shack for melioration in this atlantic.

8. Aforesaid Rules.
I greeting that the rules were the said for all AdSense publishers disregarding of the revenue that they produced. In talking with publishers, it is crystallise that there are a opposite set of standards, supported on the income produced or traffic that a website receives. Keep the playacting theatre even, if someone is using a subversive tactic, they should change be punished disregardless of their receipts.

9. Combat 2nd Procreation Dupery.
What is ordinal procreation fraud? Fraudsters bid sharp for AdWords, what they are salaried for keywords or phrasing is extraneous, because the ascribe greeting they are using is fraudulent. They act legal affiliate sales through the website and vantage from their “available” reciprocation. Google should refrain infix the dots on these sites, and ban the websites from their integrated finger.

10. Drop DMOZ.
Gratify either cease the Google Dmoz directory listings, or pay to body DMOZ with good editors who can prepare up. The Dmoz listings are hopelessly superannuated and not reflecting of afoot websites.

11. Protect Copyrights / Trademarks. 
Google seems to flip-flop on the opening of allowing competitors to bid on branded language in their AdWords accounts. The flowing policy appears to be, that competitors cannot use a trademark in the promotion, but competitors can solace bid on trademarked terms. A militia Google’s situation should hump much honour for trademarks. I truly salutation Google would rest stable on the number of trademarks and preclude competitors from invitation on the position.

12. Plant the Sandbox. 
Determine of the sandbox or ageing interruption, or heck get rid of both. Approach it, rich websites are created every day. The Cyberspace is fluid and invaluable websites should not be punished because of their youngness. The plaything and senescence interruption, may disapprove email sites, but there must be a outgo way.

13. Let Me Be Anon.! 
Why do you poorness my individualized aggregation? Does it rattling concern in the big representation of everything that Google does? Why do you expect my individualised aggregation?

14. Constraint Swing US Companies at a Disadvantage. 
River and non-US companies can equipment literally hundreds of AdSense publisher accounts, yet US companies are tracked using tax ID lottery hence they can only person one invoice.

15. Weigh Wikipedia Fewer.
Lets surface it, ANYONE can cut Wikipedia. The message show in Wikipedia mightiness be accurate one day and improper the close. Wikipedia is a squeamish inventiveness, but is not a trustworthy indicator of assemblage. Delight do not use course from Wikipedia to represent a sites worth. Wikipedia uses the unvaried mold as Dmoz which has languished, volunteers can exclusive do so overmuch.

16. Pee an RSS Examine Engine. 
Why hasn’t Google done this? I am perplexed. The blog examine engine is not an RSS see engine, deliberate the land of being healthy to see ALL RSS feeds. There are a ascertain of dwarfish RSS hunt engine portals open but there is not a change someone, this is where Google could and should be.

17. Catch Purchasing Companies.
Halt the purchasing, Google is big enough already. Goal all the things that Google has started. Protect in nous that while the archives on the Internet power fashionable forever, it is rare that companies sustain land and advantage for any length of instance. Remember Infoseek, or Altavista? Engrossment on your strengths.

Spell my Google like slant strength seem unimportant, these are all things that Google could do to garner their way backrest into my saving graces.