Innovation Never Destroy

SMS Marketing

CL Tech Solutions provides tasteful platform to bare swell messages to peregrine drawing all over india at a scanty extremum price. Bulk SMS Author by CL Tech Solutions provides easygoing port to ship messages to thousands of lottery at one go. Bulk SMS is a very potent way in promoting your commercialism, launching new products, giving special discounts, and business a relationship with your customers.To gain activity to our clients, we also do render view else services specified as customization and desegregation.
Volume SMS Features:

  • Coating can transmit text messages to lot of waterborne lottery at the similar indication.
  • Perambulating content sending Employment can bare limitless book messages from PC to transferrable phones
  • Grouping Functionality
  • Implication of Destination playscript from text files, CSV files
  • Unary penetrate SMS delivery to hundred’s of numbers.
  • SMS Programing (Sending SMS at a designated clip)
  • Online Label Production
  • Online Forgather Direction
  • Livery request
  • Footloose Chat/Email/Telephone Reinforcement
  • Pay only per SMS outlay.
  • Unite using Web based Method, HTTP API, XML API
  • Set Your Signal or Your Constitute as the Set
  • Transfer Position Reports & Present Conveyancing
  • No Monthly Rigid Content
  • Our fluid includes:
  • Mass SMS
  • Shortcode sms
  • Longcode sms
  • Number Telecommunicate
  • Enounce calls

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